About AHML

Agency for Housing Mortgage Lending (AHML) has been established in 1997 by the resolution of the Government of the Russian Federation. For the purposes of implementation of the state policy in the housing market the Unified Development Institute in the Housing Sector has been established in 2015 based on AHML.

Updated AHML has all mechanisms required for the full cycle of support of the Russian housing sector: starting with the provision of land resources and promotion of housing construction and ending with the formation of solvent demand for housing.

Efforts of the Agency are aimed at further development of the mortgage market, development and implementation of the regulations to help enhance investment appeal of the housing sector, development of the market of mortgage-backed securities, provision of sustainable, liquid, competitive and innovative housing market.

Priorities of the agency are: risk mitigation in the housing and mortgage markets, promotion of affordable housing development, creation of financing mechanisms for engineering infrastructure facilities, implementation of anti-recessionary measures in the housing and mortgage markets.